Quality Policy

As Hika, we continue on our way in order to meet our customers' needs and expectations carefully, with the goal of becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers, without compromising our values and our corporate quality policy.
Our quality policy in this respect is listes as follows:

  • Taking our customers as a part of our organization and responding customer needs completely
  • Being worthy of our customers' loyalty by satisfying them in terms of quality, deadlines, service and new products
  • Adopting the philosophy of total quality management and making this philosophy as a part of our corporate culture
  • Giving weight to R&D investments to make production in controllable quality
  • Maintaining management and quality standards at a high level, developing and enlarging our manufacturing facilities and laboratories
  • Being sensitive to the selection of our human resources and shaping our quality policy and goals by motivating our human resources through continues training & effective communication
  • Inspiring all employees about our quality policy and goals by adhering to the methods of effective leadership