Hika is basically a manufacturing company specialized in production of both Solid and Liquid Sodium Silicate (Solid and Liquid Glass).
The company has been established in 1998 as Hika Mining and Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. and the factory is located in Manisa/Turgutlu Organized Industrial Site at the edge of Izmir – Istanbul Highway, which connects two of the most important industrial provinces of Turkey.
Hika is increasing the growth rate and market share day by day and extending the customer portfolio with its production capability, qualified services and successful organizational structure continuously.
The factory is working in 3-shifts and active 7/24 on 4.000 m² closed & 8.500 m² open area with a total of 30 workers.
Becoming a well-respected company in mining and chemical industry, Hika is moving forward with confident steps and being mentioned with its successful projects in mining industry with many years of experience. Besides, the company achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 2009 as well. Hika pays a great attention on Research & Development investments to make production in controllable quality and makes Sieve, Titration, Oven and X-Ray analysis on received raw materials in its own laboratory. In addition, we would like to state proudly that Hika is the only manufacturer of Glass Sodium Silicate (Module 3) in Turkey.
The complete product range of Hika includes

  • Quartz
  • Solid Glass (Module 2)
  • Solid Glass (Module 3)
  • Liquid Sodium Silicate (Module 2 and 38-40 / 41-43 / 48-50 Bé)
  • Liquid Sodium Silicate (Module 3 and 38-40 Bé)
  • Liquid Potassium Silicate (Module 2)
  • Liquid Lithium Silicate
  • Liquid Unstrained Silicate (Module 3)